Social Studies Collaborative Group

1) What is quality teaching?
•QT is building a rapport with a classroom of students so they can see the endgame of where you are heading in their education.
•QT is asking thoughtful, meaningful questions
•QT is being prepared and having a master plan
•QT fits into an overall plan
•QT connects or engages students
•QT is reviewing and adjusting curriculum/ instruction using formative assessments
•QT is summarizing and reviewing what's already been done in the classroom
•QT is like pornography... We don't know how to define it, but we know it when we see it.

2) What do you do well in your classroom (round table contributions)?
•facilitate discussions by asking questions and encouraging discussion/ participation
•differentiation and teaching to different learning styles
•integrate technology to tap into students' technological background
•flexibility and adapting to student schedules and needs
•"show up" and have a passion for teaching
•"perform" well when getting in front of
•multiple assessments to assess student learning
•creating think time
•provoke thinking and discussion

3) What would you like to learn more about?
•integrate technology
•formative assessments
•participation in classroom activities/ discussion