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1. What is quality teaching?
Quality Teaching is knowing why you're doing the lesson/activity, anticipating how your students will perform, knowing what your students prior knowledge is, students are "in the know" about the purpose of the lesson, students' needs are met, lessons are relevant and meaningful to students' lives and current generation, effective and accurate assessment of student achievement, continual reflections in and of the lessons and student achievement, self-assessment and "tweaking" of the lesson.
Teaching students how to achieve learning success; to prepare/anticipate, to learn, to self-assess.

2. What do you do well in your classroom?
Planning lessons - using Madeline Hunter model provides teacher and students the purpose, goal, and flow of lessons.
Organization - flow of ideas/lessons allow for students to make connections of their learning for this class as well as other classes.
Metacognition - CRISS and other strategies, students prior knowledge, creativity, humor, relationships, teamwork, conflict management.

3. What would you like to learn more about?
Team-building within grade levels in terms of curriculum - lesson development within grade-level teachers; knowing CLEs from other 9th grade courses and help students make connections to Science.
Time for team-building where we not only talk to just science department, but talk to other grade-level teachers - just knowing what lessons and topics are actually covered in class - clarifications beyond curriculum maps. We'd like to work interdepartmentally on lessons - not a team like at AMS, but just content topics to help students make connections.