Meet with your CG to reflect on the following:
  1. What is quality teaching?
  2. What do you do well in your classroom?
  3. What would you like to learn more about?

A haiku about Quality Teaching by Aileen Sullivan:
Thoughtful reflection
Students engaged in their thoughts
Lightbulb goes on bright!

Effective teachers are really clear about where the class is going (what are your core goals?) and share those with the students. Effective teachers plan assessments to help them know if/when students meet those goals. Engaging activities without just being entertaining. Effective teachers ask questions that help students create connections for themselves and think beyond yes/no answers and the current situation. Effective teachers create situations and lesson order in which students can be successful (scaffolding) and celebrate true achievements (not just pats on the head). Effective teachers creates an environment in which students feel comfortable to ask questions.

What we do well:
Mike Lazere- constantly thinks about where the students are and where they are going -- to help plan instruction.
Alan Junck- gives the students an opportunity to see things in lab and tie into the theory (multiple variations of the same ideas-- for example, several kinds of dissolving). The experiential aspect of the course.
Aileen Sullivan- often asks students to collaborate with other students. The rooms are set up well to talk in small groups. She gives students time to answer questions and be reflective.
Elizabeth Brenneman- I spend a lot of time planning and am very organized. I also work well with the students especially shown when I walk around student groups and make sure they are on the right track.

What we'd like to learn more about?
Alan want to know: What are we expecting to see change due to this professional development initiative?What evidence are we looking at? (ITEDs, graduation rate, GPAs)?

Lazere thinks we need to come up with better accountability for the teachers. How can we better show students, parents, colleagues, administration the growth we see from our students? How do we show that our students are learning better? He thinks this becomes about assessment design especially formative so that we can see and share the students' growth.

What are our building goals? Aileen thinks our staff is confused about our vision currently and this creates a disjointed picture. We need to rally together as a staff! We need to have unified goals for our students.

Mike Lazere continues, like writing skills relevant in all classes. Aileen says that all concepts need to fit into a bigger picture. And I think that we should make sure the bigger picture and connective threads clear to the students.

I'd like to know if I have a job. :)

Typed by Elizabeth Brenneman