What is quality teaching?
  • Constantly assess where your students are at and provide instruction that is appropriate for what they know
  • Teaching all students in the same class at different levels
  • Be flexible with how you teach when you find out that something doesn't work
  • Setting learning goals for students and assessing your progress towards those goals
  • Making learning interesting
  • Get the feel of the "art" of teaching
  • Being able to lead an intellectual discussion
  • Being able to recognize student misconceptions and knowing how to confront them

What do you do well in your classroom?
  • Try to be a life-long learner - lots of books and articles to read
  • Lead discussions well - good questions strategies
  • Forms relationships with every student
  • Relate the science to real life - getting old has its benefits
  • Engaging students in meaningful projects

What would you like to learn more about?
  • Lecture-free teaching
  • Support with things that are beyond our control
  • Teaching all students
  • Increase the use of technology - using social networks, blogging, etc.
  • Working on National Board Certification