1. What is quality teaching?
    • Engaging, motivational, connecting subject matter to students
    • An active classroom where people are engaged and involved
    • Passionate people using researched based strategies to improve student achievement
  2. What do you do well in your classroom?
    • Passionate
    • Giving quality feedback
    • Coming up with ideas
  3. What would you like to learn more about?
    • Differentiation strategies to best serve all different types of kids with 30 - 35 kids in a classroom (not the theory of differentiation, but practical strategies to put those ideas into practice)
    • Time to plan those differentiated lessons
    • Organization strategies to deal with larger class sizes
    • Would like to attend an AP conference as well to better serve the upper level in the gen ed classes
    • Information about standards based grading instead of percentage based grading, or information about combining standards based grading with percentage based grading
    • How to schedule students into appropriate classes where we possibly stack truly gifted kids in one class to best serve them.
    • How will state standards effect all the work we have done on district standards and benchmarks as well as GLE's and CLE's